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“What does the future hold for the residents of Ulaanbaatar?”

“Can we unite the residents of this city to solve problems together?”

Interested? Then this exhibition is for you…..

trio of artists

During the first two weeks of April, we will be very proud to present “Tale of two cities” – a ground breaking exhibition at the Nogoon Nuur outdoor park in North Western Ulaanbaatar.  Organised by local NGO “Ger Community Mapping Center“, this show will be open to all and will incorporate maps of the city alongside photography, illustration and locally produced felt art.

We invite everyone in the city to come and experience what we have to offer.


  • 1st April: Opening night. 4pm to 8pm.
  • 2nd April – 14th April: open daily, 10am to 9pm


  • Sunday 2nd April: Drawing workshop with Marc Parenteau
  • Saturday 8th April: Photography workshop with Billy Macrae
  • Sunday 9th April: Mapathon hosted by the GCMC
  • Sunday 9th April: Felt art making workshop with Baasansuren Alyeksandr


  • Ger Community Mapping Center (Mongolia)
  • Felt Master Baasansuren Alyeksandr (Mongolia)
  • Marc Parenteau (USA)
  • Billy Macrae (UK)
Participants at a mapping workshop held by the GCMC

Meet our exhibition team:

Ger Community Mapping Center

Batdorj and Enkhtungalag from the GCMC

We are a non – governmental organization dedicated to sustainable, equal access urban development through community engagement and participatory decision-making. We will be displaying a range of huge maps, representing the challenges and potential solutions for a range of topics relating to contemporary Ulaanbaatar. You can learn more about the GCMC here.

Felt Master Baasansuren Alyeksandr

BM2017 019_040_sq_bw_blog

An artist living in the the ger district of Ulaanbaatar for many decades, B.Alyeksandr is one of the most prominent artists working with felt in 2017. As well as producing visual art made from felt, Aleksandr also makes clothing made from the same material, examples of which will be on display during this show. You can find his Facebook page here.

Marc Parenteau

BM2017 019_077_bw_sq_blog

Marc Parenteau is a California-based cartoonist and comics journalist. His work has been featured by The Atlantic, Fusion, and Narratively. For the Tale of Two Cities exhibition, he collaborated with Batdorj and Tungaa on A Path to Change. Marc will be holding a workshop at the park on Saturday the 8th April.

Billy Macrae

BM2017 019_111_sq_bw_blog

Billy Macrae is a documentary photographer, curator and educator based in the UK. Billy’s work has been exhibited many times both at home and overseas, and has been published in magazines and online platforms such as the BBC website. Billy will also be holding a workshop at the Nogoon Nuur park on Saturday 8th April. You can see more of his work here.


BM2017 019_054_bw_sq_blog

Ulzii is the owner and manager of the incredible Nogoon Nuur outdoor park, where our exhibition will be located.

He first came across the area in 2009, which was a former stone quarry that was being used as a rubbish dump site. He felt inspired by the possibility of creating a beautiful green space. As a result he decided to make it his mission to create a place for local children in the ger area (especially those from low-income families) to play and develop in a safe, clean and green environment.

Social media: Nomin Lyons


For Nomin storytelling is a mystical form of art and creative expression. As someone who has always been intrigued by it and with a natural tendency to be observant, she is keen on cross cultural communication and inclusive design. She dreams to create spaces that derive inspiration from and designed based on the inhabitants’ cultural heritage, modern or traditional. Nomin is an Ulaanbaatar native that habitually moves once a year.

Ivana Souckova

BM2017 019_107_bw_sq_blog

Ivana Souckova is a landscape architect from the Czech Republic. She is interested in the complex issues of urbanisation and believes in interdisciplinary approach in city planning.  She supports GCMC through UN-Habitat on transportation in the city of Ulaanbaatar and landscaping aspect of their projects in the ger areas.

Tuguldur Chuluunbaatar

BM2017 019_065_bw_sq_blog

Tuguldur is a senior majoring in german and international studies. He has been volunteering with the GCMC regarding all kinds of activities happening at the office and on-site.

A bookworm with a curious tendency for natural sciences, he hopes to continue his studies in sustainable urban agriculture.

Mapping workshop held by the GCMC.

Exhibition tours


Would you like a lift to our exhibition, as part of our Ger Area Tour?

We will be including this exhibition as the final stop on our tours. More information will be available nearer the time.

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